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The history of Eversley Choir goes back to the year 1900 when a number of smaller village choirs were amalgamated in order to compete more effectively in what later became the Mary Wakefield Festival. Its founder was Mary Wakefield's sister, Agnes, who was married to Tom Argles and who lived in a large house in Leasgill called 'Eversley'. For many years the choir was called the Eversley Choral Union (and this is still its official name) but more recently that name has been shortened to Eversley Choir.


In the first century of its existence, the choir had just four principal conductors: Agnes Argles, its founder (1900-1923), Elizabeth Nelson (1924-39), Leslie Powell (1933-1979) and Roger Cann (1979-2001). Stephen Carleston was our conductor until 2008 and our current conductor is Ian Jones who also conducts Levens choir and the Cumbria Festival Chorus


In 2016 the choir moved to a superb new rehearsal venue situated near the villages of Borwick and Priest Hutton, just north of Carnforth. It is an ideal hall, suitable for both musical and social events.

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